Montessori Math Toy
Montessori Math Toy
Montessori Math Toy
Montessori Math Toy
Montessori Math Toy
Montessori Math Toy
Montessori Math Toy
Montessori Math Toy

Montessori Math Toy

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Mathematics, like games, is not easy or difficult, but everything depends on who and how you teach them.


1. They allow reflection on mathematical concepts and properties. This reflection is the basis for constructing one's mathematical ideas.

2. They recreate different tangible situations that in a textbook are presented in a static and limited way, which produces many mistakes and gaps in children.

3. Encourage interest in the subject and help to banish the typical image of inert and boring subject.

4. They produce enthusiasm for mathematics. They are usually activities that they want to do and teach others.

5. They help both to introduce a topic and to understand processes or discover properties.

6. Reinforce useful and necessary automatisms to advance in mathematics.

7. They enable individual work, adapting to the needs of each student, and teamwork as they lead to debate, contrast of ideas and collective work.

8. They are very useful to work skills and abilities that are necessary for problem solving.

9. Reinforce self-esteem while generating autonomy in learning.

10. Help break through "blocks." It is a reality that in the Primary stage many girls and boys have difficulties with mathematics that go beyond the subject, it is a kind of aversion to the subject that through games and material can change. 

* Age recommend +5


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